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... that Christ will be glorified by others through our experiences with Him!

Upon Moving Mountains

"Prayer can move mountains!" This is really true as Marites Mayangos, past appointed club president, testifies during the BS time.

Last November 2000, Marites expressed a prayer request concerning her mother's health. Her mother, Mrs. Dolores Mayangos, suffered an acute kidney infection. She have it for almost six months long but still, she never wanted to be hospitalized nor operated! This was the core of the prayer request, that is; she may think positively.

Encouraging her mother, Marites shed tears when her mother, instead, expressed "last words" (panamilit). However, through the continuous prayer with the group and with her church (Foursquare - Asuncion, Davao), she decided to do so last February 2, 2001. On February 12, upon waiting for the findings of the check-up, what a news they've heard when one of the doctors reminded them to look for a kidney donor. Another serious thing made the group more prayerful.

It was Valentine's Day when her mother has been "ultrasound" in preparation for the next day's scheduled operation. How amazing it was when, on February 15, one of the doctors asked "Mrs. Naga-ampo ka?" (Mrs. have you constantly prayed?). This question bears a highly miraculous comment and conclusion that the findings of the latter examination is negative; and it was an extra-ordinary and supernatural happening which God can only do.

Glory to God in the highest!

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