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Below are the links to other sites that have to do with our activities and can contribute additional beneficial information. Some sites are here to provide us information on the other side of the world. They might be non-christian sites but they are too infomative which can give us awareness as we travel and face the great battle field of every Christian Disciple.

If you notice any broken links, let us know. Also let us know about your own favorite sites!

Here they are...

RBC (Radio Bible Class) Ministries

MISSIONS: East Asian National Support

Gospel Communications Network: Online Christian Resources

FREEMASONRY:The Cult - The Truth ---> In christian view, this organization is a cult based on biblical principles. <also: De Molay, Masonry, Rainbow Girls & etc.>

This is the official web of the MILF in Mindanao! Informations about their group has been stated here...

This is the official cyber-guide of fellowships, conferences and camps of Southern Philippines which was develop at USM.

BALIKATAN: This site is of the IVCF-Philippines alumni in the U.S. who responded the financial needs of IVCF-Philippines.

This is the NEW official site of IVCF-Philippines.

The International Email Directory for Christians