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Sower Campus Club-IVCF


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Dvo. Del Norte Updates

SCC-IVCF (Tagum)

(Mar. 2k1) KC 2K1: UM IVCF Expects Four Delegates

KC or Kawayan Camp is a nation-wide month-long training, design to provide and equip servant-leaders in Christ. Varried activities are expected on this event. It would surely revive, strengthen and equip christians for the in-campus activities as well as in the church.

Trichel Divine Estanilla, Jill Nervida and Rammel Bayani were expected to attend the Kawayan Camp 2001. According to them, there are so many things to be considered. It would be the financial problems, or parental reasons, or summer class schedules, or church responsibilities. But because God's Will the supreme guidance on this matter, He would be directing us to make the right decision.

Please pray for us...

(Nov. 2k) Four UM-IVCF'ers Attended the LCDC 2k

Last October 2000, four delegates were sent at SPBTS, Puan, Davao City to attend the Leadership/Discipleship Camp. They were Marites Mayangos; present President, Darby Aspacio; pioneering President, Trichel Divine Estanilla; P.I.O., and Jill Nervida; Internal Vice President.

The three adivsers, Mrs. Guadalupe De Leon, Mrs. Rosario Abanales and Mrs. Aireen San Jose, have supported there time and efforts for the success of this activity. The GT's, LCDC grads, KC grads, and christian friends have also extended their financial support.

The camp was so amazing! It really developed christians to be more effective in God's work. It was attended by our very own General Secretary, Ate/Miss Elsie Calalang. Its theme was "My All... the all-worthy God". It also covered an exposition on the book of Collosians which was delivered by Ate Mida, Nepal missionary. Highlight about the muslim beliefs were also studied. OIA and Bible study leading made the delegates to think critically and ask God's wisdom for the completion of the requirement. Banquet Night was the activity that is hard to forget.

More activities had happend... God's will prevails...
Glory be to God...




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