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Sower Campus Club-IVCF


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Legal Bases

...the club's legal bases


Article I. Name

Section 1. The name of this organization shall be Sower Campus Club, the affiliated group of the Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship of the Philippines, hereafter called the Fellowship.

Article II. Purposes

Section 1. The purposes of this organization are:
a. To witness to Jesus Christ as God Incarnate, and seek to lead others to a personal faith in Him as Savior and Lord;
b. To deepen and strengthen the spiritual life of members by Bible study and prayer;
c. To encourage the development of the whole personality, and of a Christian view of the problems and issues of the day; and
d. To help members discover and prepare for God's vocation for each of them, in service to God, country, and the world.

Article III. Basis of Faith

Section 1. The bases of this organization are the basic doctrines of the Christian faith including the following:
1. The unity of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit in the Godhead.
2. The sovereignty of God in creation, revelation, redemption and final judgement.
3. The divine inspiration and the entire trustworthiness of the Holy Scriptures, as originally given, and its supreme authority in all matters of faith and conduct.
4. The universal sinfulness and guilt of all men since the fall, rendering them subject to God's wrath and condemnation.
5. Redemption from the guilt, penalty, dominion and pollution of sin, solely through the sacrificial death (as our Representative and Substitute) of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Incarnate Son of God.
6. The bodily resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ from the dead and His ascension to the right hand of God the Father.
7. The presence and power of the Holy Spirit in the work of regeneration.
8. The justification of the sinner by the grace of God through faith alone.
9. The indwelling and work of the Holy Spirit in the believer.
10. The one Holy Universal Church which is the Body of Christ and to which all true believers belong.
11. The expectation of the personal return of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Section 2. All members of this corporation, general secretary, staff members, speakers, officers of student chapters and graduate fellowships must subscribe without reservation of the Basis of Faith.

Article IV. Membership

Section 1. Membership in the fellowship shall be open to all students, faculty members and non-academic personnel who are interested in its purposes and desire to take part in its program, regardless of sect or denomination.

Section 2. There shall be two kinds of membership
a. Regular membership for students, with the right to vote and hold office.
b. Honorary membership for faculty members and non-academic personnel of the University with the right to discuss but with no right to vote or hold office.

Article V. Officers and Duties

Section 1. The elected officers of the Fellowship shall be a President, a Secretary, a Treasurer and a Public Relation Officer. They shall be responsible to the University Administration for the proper and efficient management of the Fellowship during their term of office, which will be for one year.

Section 2. There shall be an adviser or advisers who are full-time members of the faculty, chosen by the Executive Committee. The adviser/s shall be in agreement to the aims and purposes of the Fellowship.

Section 3. The duties of the officers are those which normally fall under each category, the President to exercise the leadership of the Fellowship, the Vice-President to assist him, and to substitute for him, the Secretary to be responsible for records, the Treasurer to handle financial matters and the PRO to be responsible to the faculty and shall be available for consultation when necessary.

Article VI. The Executive Committee

Section 1. The Executive Committee shall be composed of the officers, and such others as the committee may add from time to time.
Section 2. The responsibilities of the Committee are:
a. To carry out the purpose, general policies, and programs of the Fellowship as efficiently as possible;
b. To call the annual Executive Committee meeting for consideration of new officers, and for submitting of reports on the various activities of the year; and
c. To be responsible for the continuance of the Fellowship from year to year.

Article VII. Meetings

Section 1. Meetings for carrying out the purpose of the Fellowship shall be scheduled by the Executive Committee.

Section 2. Meetings for the transaction of business shall be called by the Executive Committee or upon the request of five members.

Section 3. The annual business meeting shall be held one month before the end of the academic year of the university.

Article VIII. Constitutions and Amendments

Section 1. This Constitution shall be adopted upon receiving two-thirds vote of the membership.

Section 2. Amendments to this constitution shall not be valid unless a copy has been placed in the Office of Student Affairs, UM Tagum College, and in the Office of the General Secretary, Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship of the Philippines.

Article I Membership

Section 1. Membership shall be both by invitation and application.

Section 2. There shall be a Membership Committee, responsible for extending the invitation to potential members, as well as for accepting and evaluating applicants for membership.

Section 3. The Chairman, as well as the members of the Membership Committee shall be appointed by the Executive Committee.

Article II Officers and Duties

Section 1. The duties of the President are as follows:
a. Chairs the Executive Committee and presides over its meetings;
b. Oversees the entire Fellowship, coordinates its activities, and provides over its annual business meeting; and
c. Represents the Fellowship in dealing with the Administration and with the other groups.

Section 2. The duties of the Vice-President are as follows:
a. Presides over meetings in the absence of the President; and
b. Executes other duties designated to him/her by the Executive Committee
Section 3. The duties of the Secretary are as follows:
a. Keeps minutes of meetings, list of members, a copy of the chapter constitution, and such other records as are necessary for efficient function of the Fellowship; and
b. Responsible for correspondence.

Section 4. The duties of the Treasurer are as follows:
a. Keeps account on income and expenditure of the Fellowship; and
b. Prepares the annual financial report.

Section 5. The duties of the Public Relation Officer are as follows:
a. Responsible for the publicity of the activities of the Fellowship; and
b. May act as the President's representative in dealing with other groups when the latter authorizes him/her to do so.

Article III Nomination and Elections

Section 1. The executive committee shall meet regularly for evaluation of the affairs of the fellowship at least once a month.

Section 2. When meeting for business transactions, a simple majority of the members of the committee who are present shall constitute a quorum.

Section 3. The Executive Committee shall appoint a chairman for the different subcommittees, as one for Bible Study, another for Prayer, one for the Literature and another for Missions.

This section could highlight significant events occurring at the church. An example of this is our recent yard sale, which was a huge success. With the help of over 100 members, the yard sale brought in nearly $6,000. Thank you to everyone who contributed items to sell or their time to make this popular event fun for all.


Congratulations to the Wilsons on their new baby girl, Brianna.

Congratulations to the newly married Mr. and Mrs. Mike Glover.

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