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Sower Campus Club-IVCF


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Support Us

This club is a ministry of Jesus Christ that is supported by IVCF'ers, GT's, GCF'ers, Christian Leaders, Christian Givers and Friends. Some of them are in Tagum City, Philippines and some are not (or even outside in Philippines).

To join the giving-hands & support us financially, see the procedure below.

1. You can deposit your financial support to us through our Bank Account.

Saving Account No. 23079-1
Rural Bank of Montevista - Tagum Branch
Mabini St., Tagum City, Philippines

2. You can also directly deposit your financial support through our ATM Account. (Actually, it's not the club's account, it belongs to the in-charge of this website.

Saving Account No. 675-535619-9
Philippine National Bank (PNB)- Tagum Branch
Rizal St., Tagum City, Philippines

Please send a duplicate of your "Deposit Slip" upon depositing your financial assistance so that we may be inform. You can also email us at or the website in-charge at

Thanks and God bless...

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